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A warm, relaxing and  pleasant environment  which helps the client to feel  comfortable whilst undergoing their treatment.



I just wanted to tell you, in a short story, why I'm doing my Holistic Treatments at "Gyletties". There are many beautiful people in my life, past and present,that have loved and keep loving me, giving me courage to get 'This Show On The Road', my wonderful mum and dad and my two sisters are a massive part of my life and then there are these two beautiful souls (in the photos), my Nannie Lettie who "Gyletties" is named after and my Aunty Alfie, who was a wonderful Healer and Therapist and I personally think was in this business long before her time, she was

Alfreda Evans,

S.E.N, M.F.Phys., AromaTh.Dip., G.B.Th., M.Biomag.Assoc.,

a Naturopathic Practitioner who practised for years,long before it became fashionable as it is today, most people have heard at least someone talk of Reiki, this was just one of the treatments that she did. She was a wonderful, gentle but loud lady with a heart so big anyone and everyone felt love from the huge hugs she would give you, and so she squeezed the air out of your lungs with her loving hug you would hear her hearing aid whistling, she was deaf you see, but it never stopped her achieving.  She was a Nurse in her younger years but had to give that up eventually because of family ties etc. and her hearing

And that is when she did what she did best until the day she died, helping others.  I miss her and think of her with love often and want to try and carry on the road she was on, and if I can be just a quarter of the woman she was, then I will be truly happy.

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