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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “ray key”) is a Japanese form of holistic healing, which reduces stress, restores depleted energy and promotes healing and relation. Reiki is emotionally healing, physically healing, mentally healing and spiritually healing.

Essentially, Reiki is healing energy. The work “rei” is interpreted as “universal,” while the word “ki” is interpreted as life force or energy. Without “ki” we are no longer alive. When our “ki” is low, it is then that we are most susceptible to illness of disease.

A typical Reiki Session lasts for one blissful hour! Soft, soothing music is normally played in the background of a serene, candle-lit room, and pillows/blankets are readily available for your comfort. Unlike a massage, you do not disrobe during a Reiki Session. Fully clothed, you lie down on a table, RELAX and open up to the healing. (I do all the work!) Throughout the Session, I keep my eyes closed, which better guides me to focus on areas that may or may not require more healing. To channel healing energy into you, I gently place my hands on your person. I typically start at your crown chakra (at the top of your head) and work my way down to the soles of your feet. And back again to your crown chakra. After the Session, I will “sweep” any negative energy or blocks that surfaced, so as to eliminate them from your being (as well as mine).

There is only one thing you need for a successful Reiki Session: A Receptive Attitude! If you have a “block” towards Reiki, (e.g., if you doubt its healing abilities), the Reiki energy has to work longer and harder to make its way to you.

What Is Felt When Receiving Reiki?

There are many different things that can be felt when receiving Reiki….by both client and Reiki Practitioner! The most common feeling is heat. This heat is not a hot, painful heat; rather, it is a soft, warm feeling that is comparable to that of a heating pad placed over your body. As a client is feeling heat, I as the Reiki Practitioner may also be feeling heat (sometimes to the point where I break into a sweat) or, in the alternative, I could be feeling a sensation of coldness. (It has been noted that the reason for this difference in temperature could have to do with the Chinese philosophy of yin/yang.)

Another common sensation associated with Reiki can be heaviness felt in arms or legs.

Sometimes, my clients will see visions of past or current events. Although they were not consciously thinking about this event, it comes to them out of “no where”. This is no mistake. When an event comes to mind, that means there is still some emotional attachment to the event that needs healing in some fashion. It could be that forgiveness needs to happen; or it could mean that you have not yet completely mourned the trauma associated with the event. Regardless, if it comes to mind during a Reiki Session, rest assured that the positive energy of Reiki is encouraging and promoting healing to whatever remains to be healed.

A lot of clients get so relaxed that they drift off into sleep while receiving Reiki; that’s how relaxing it is! This really shocks some of my clients, who say that they can “never relax”. It’s great if you fall asleep while receiving Reiki! Just because you fall asleep….that doesn’t mean that Reiki isn’t taking effect. Remember, all you’re responsible for is relaxing….I’m the one who channels the Reiki into you! Also, no two Reiki Sessions will be exactly the same. Things you experience during one session may feeling completely different during a follow-up Session. That’s because just as life is always changing, so are your energy levels.

Other sensations you may feel during a Reiki Session are: coolness; tingling sensations; pins & needles; different vibrational levels; feeling as though you are floating; an “opening up” of blocked energy; a release of tension….feeling knots of tension untie themselves and dissipate from your being; and/or a state of total peacefulness and harmony.